Trained By The Enemy – Built To Compete.

Al has been practicing law for just over 30 years. His area of focus has been in personal injury, disability determinations, and insurance disputes. The first seven years of Al’s career were spent being trained by and defending the very corporate interests he now customarily sues. Namely, Al was trained to litigate by representing institutional giants such as Allstate, State Farm, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, CNA, Sea Ray Boats, Walmart, Chrysler Corporation, and many other significant corporate players. The experience gleaned from these formative years were foundational and irreplaceable.

The son of teachers, and the grandchild of coal miners and farmers, Al was not content to simply advance large corporate interests. In a decision apropos of a proud heritage, Al chose to utilize the skills and lessons learned in the corporate lions’ den to benefit ordinary citizens that found themselves in legal conflict with these giants. Though thankful for his early training and experience, Al is much more content helping people, not institutionally advantaged corporations.

Al’s unflinching willingness to help the ordinary citizen fight the powerful against considerable odds is well documented. Al’s battles with goliaths include: (1) suing BellSouth when a worker needlessly lost her leg; (2) suing the NCAA and Florida Board of Regents when they unconstitutionally infringed upon the rights of student athletes; (3) suing the “911” system when children needlessly perished in a fire due to a negligent/reckless response; (4) representing victims of police brutality/use of excessive force against municipalities and police departments; (5) suing insurance agencies who recommended/provided inappropriate coverages for storm victims; (6) suing large apartment complexes and retail establishments who provided inadequate or no security for victims of crimes; and (7) suing a major tire manufacturer/distributor for failing to provide protection for its patrons from perfectly predictable/foreseeable motor vehicle accidents occurring on their property which resulted in leg amputation.

In addition to the foregoing cases, Al has pursued actions on behalf of victims of medical malpractice against a multitude of hospitals, clinics, and doctors. The magnitude of these injuries frequently creates scenarios wherein the injured victim is incapable of working. In addressing the inability to work, Al has represented individuals in over 2,000 Social Security disability trials. Al has represented injured citizens in all levels of court proceedings in the state of Florida, including arguing before the Florida Supreme Court. Suffice it to say, Al is comfortable and experienced in arguing on behalf of clients in any jurisdiction or appellate level. Being in Court is where Al prefers to be, and being there is just another day at the office.

Al’s love of competition is not limited to the law. He attended Florida State University on a track and field scholarship where he competed as a pole vaulter. Al’s love of pole vaulting persists to this very day. Al continues to compete as a master’s track and field athlete. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic permitting, Al will compete in the 2021 United States National Master’s Track and Field Championships and World Championships. Al imparted his love of sports and competition to his children, two of whom also competed at the Division I Collegiate level. The joy of competition, the pursuit of excellence, and the enjoyment of expressing a deeply ingrained work ethic are characteristics imbedded in Al’s nature as an attorney and competitor. The expression of these core values bring immense pleasure to Al in all walks of life.   

Admission Details

  • 1989, Florida

Law School Attended

  • Florida State University College of Law, Class of 1988, J.D.

University Attended

  • Florida State University, Class of 1981, B.S.


  • Florida Bar (sections - Trial Lawyers; Worker’s Compensation & Administrative Law)
  • Florida Justice Association
  • Middle District of Florida
  • Northern District of Florida
  • The American Inns of Court, Master of the Bench
  • Duval County Bar Association
  • Florida Worker’s Advocates
  • The United States Track & Field Association
  • The Florida State University Varsity Club

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Al Stanley

North American, Central American, Caribbean World Masters Track and Field Championships

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